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Taste for Yourself The Original 2,000-Year-Old Organic EthiCoffeeopian Coffee with Magical Slimming and Health Benefits...

A rare coffee from the remote mountains of Ethiopia just may be Mother Nature's natural weight-loss remedy - helping men and women burn up to 35 percent more bodyfat.

This mysterious African coffee is called MoyoJava in the native language of Swahili. Translated, it means "healing coffee" - and according to new study results, it does indeed seem to have curiously strong healing and weight-loss properties.

This coffee has been used for centuries among the village people of Africa's ancient red mountains and Great Rift Valley along the Biblical Red Sea. Amazingly, this ancient health secret is just now being revealed to the rest of the world... 

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The Secret Revealed... Coffee

The secret to MoyoJava's mysterious slimming properties is found in the coffee beans used to make this delicious brew. The MoyoJava coffee bean is found only in the secluded mineral-rich red mountains of Ethiopia. The rich, red soils in which this rare bean is grown is the same soils which give the Red Sea its mysterious "ruddy complexion."

Each MoyoJava bean is carefully picked, dried and hand-sorted by villagers who take pride in their crops. These beans are then carefully roasted in small batches and at a special temperature to bring out their natural healing characteristics and flavors.

The result is a truly delicious coffee with magical health and healing benefits, including dramatic reductions in unhealthy bodyfat... an average of up to 35 percent greater fat loss, according to epidemiological evidence.

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Clinical Research Results...Coffee Study

In particular, MoyoJava is uniquely rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, and one curious compound called chlorogenic acid.

According to a new medical study published in the scientific journal Complementary and Alternative Medicine, this one nutrient alone can result in a 35% reduction in body fat.

Regular coffee like the kind you buy at the supermarket or at Starbuck's contains negligible amounts of chlorogenic acid because the coffee beans they use are relatively void of nutrients, and any nutrients they do contain are burned away during roasting.

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